Donuts will be available to order online to restricted postcodes once annouced on Facebook!


Q. Where and when is your next delivery drop?
A. We like to keep our delivery schedule secret to make it fair on everyone when they are announced on our Facebook and Instagram page. Please keep an eye out for the announcements.

Q. Can I collect my order?
A. Unfortunately we currently do not offer a collection service.

Q. Can I mix and match donuts?
A. As we are in high demand to ensure we can maintain our orders more efficiently we have decided to offer set boxes of 4 donuts only.

Q. Please can I see the menu?
A. Our menu of donuts can be found on our donuts page. 

Q. Can you confirm a delivery time?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm a delivery time. All orders will be delivered anytime after 2pm. Please let us know if there is any problems. 

Q. How fresh are your donuts? 
A. Our donuts are made fresh daily and delivered to your door the same day.

Q. How long do your donuts last?
A. We recommend eating your donuts on the day of purchase.

Q. Do you offer vegan donuts?
A. We currently don't offer vegan donuts, but this is something we will consider in the future.

Q. Do you offer gluten free donuts?
A. Unfortunately we are not able to cater for allergies.

Q. Can I freeze your donuts and eat at a later date?
A. We don't recommend freezing our donuts for consumption at a later date.

Q. Can you cater for my next special occasion?
A. For all large and corporate orders please emails